Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Multi-Room Streaming Tower Speaker

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Multi-Room Streaming Tower Speaker

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Stream Music Directly to Each Room...

Product Description

Stream Music Directly to Each Room

Stream your music all over the house with multiple Torre WX speakers.

Play music simultaneously or individual music on each speaker.

Use WIFI to play high quality audio to your speaker and provide stronger signal than Bluetooth.

You can control the speaker by using your smart phone or tablet.

Download app from Apple store or Google store. Stream music from internet radio, music service or from your local music content.


Best of Both Worlds: WIFI and Bluetooth

TORRE WX is one of the best values WIFI speaker in the market.

Unable to access your WIFI? You can always switch over to Bluetooth mode.

You will never lose access to your music with both technologies in one box.


Onboard Controls and Tablet/Phone Stand

Tablet stand on the TORRE WX can support tablets up to 12 inches and any smart phones.

Onboard control buttons can be used for controlling music playback and switching between audio mode.


Stereo Mode

Place two TORRE WX speaker together to create a stereo sound system.

One speaker can be set to left channel the other set to right channel.


USB, SD Slots and AUX Ports

Playback your favourite local music using local SD and USB port.

Charge your phone or tablet using USB port.

AUX ports provide a wired connection to your phone or other mobile devices.


Bass and Treble Control

Control knobs can fine tune your music sound to your personal taste.

TORRE WX has built in BASS port to provide high quality deep bass audio.

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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Multi-Room Streaming Tower Speaker