Refund policy & Warranty at FairTech

1.       Brand New Products   

FairTech strictly follows the regulations and guidelines of the Consumers Rights Act 2015 and the Citizens Advice Borough (CAB) regarding refund policies.  This will only be considered with a proof of purchase at FairTech.

 1.1   For Walk in Customer

·    We are happy to provide a refund, replacement, or repair if something has gone wrong with an item you have purchased from us within a 30-day period.

·      You are entitled to get a refund if you meet any of the issues with the items you have bought:  If the item is broken or damaged (inside the package), If the item is deemed as unusable or unfit for its purpose or the item does not match the seller’s / manufacturers description.

·         You are not entitled to get a refund if you meet any of the following conditions:

·      If the item was misused and damaged by wear and tear if you knew about the item’s fault before purchasing (i.e. from a clearance sale) or you have simply changed your mind.

·       If your mind is changed after purchase, we are happy to refund or exchange the item if the product is in its original state including unopened and sealed packaging within 30 days. “Customer doesn’t have an automatic right to get money back if any one just change their mind about something they’ve bought and there’s nothing wrong with the items or product they bought (CAB,20)”.

·        You have the options of an exchange or refund if the fault occurs in your products within 30 days. We offer a quick repair service if a fault occurs in your products within the warranty period after 30 days.

·        Any used items found to be in a good working condition can still qualify for a refund or credit note within 14 days however they will incur a 25% handling and restocking fee.

·        Certain goods come with a manufacturer's warranty; it is advised that this option is taken and that you deal with the manufacturer accordingly. This service provided by the manufacturer is usually set in place for efficiency; it will be more beneficial and efficient to deal with the manufacturer direct however we are happy to deal with them on your behalf for the first 12 months of any warranty period.

·       if any Data SIMs, CDs, DVDs, audio, video, and computer software that have been opened or unsealed, we are happy to refund within 30 days’ period

1.2   For online Customer

Our Return Policy:

If the buyer wants to return the item within 30 days, they will be liable for safe and insured return postage - the item must come back unused, undamaged, and complete with all supplied accessories and packaging otherwise deductions may occur. All returns need to be authorized by us, once the return is received and inspected, refund will be issued.

·    This device will cover warranty for Six (6) months with us. Our warranty will cover the item for manufacturing faults which may arise with the item within the stated warranty time. Our Warranty of items does not include wear & tear of further usage, mishandling, any external damages, electric shocks, liquid damages, charging ports and parts damages or any other fatal damages of operating system by the users. Our warranty excludes any fault occur by the user on Microphone Issues, Battery Issues, Software or Any Power Related Faults.

·     If a manufacturing fault occurs, we will be more than happy to repair / replace the fault / item at our choosing, no refunds will be issued after 30 days. (All you need to do is contact us by email if there is a fault and we will resolve as soon as possible.

·         All items are security marked and serial numbers etc. are recorded and will be checked to ensure the device is identical to that of the original. If the item is physically damaged, tampered with, inspected, or opened by anyone else other than us then the warranty offered will become instantly void. If you notify us of a problem we recommend to stop using the item and you MUST return the item to us within 28 days to prevent possible further damage, failure to do this will result in the warranty becoming void. We under no circumstances accept any devices back with any user information on.

 After Sale Service 

We like to maintain our good reputation and extremely passionate about providing the best service on eBay. If there are any issues or you are not happy with anything, please contact me immediately and I will try and resolve the issue.


Google & other Feedback is especially important to us and we always strive to give 5-star service and in return expect a good feedback. We would very much appreciate if you could leave a feedback once you have received the product. I also always welcome any feedback to help us improve our service in the future.


2.       Warranty for the Fairly Used, Refurbished and clearance items:

2.1   for Walk in Customer

·       Fairly used, Refurbished, reduced priced, clearance and graded goods of FairTech are Non-Refundable. These items are sold accordingly with a lesser warranty. The warranty period is usually specified on the specific product(s).

·         FairTech ensures that before an item (specified in previous clause)) is purchased, the satisfactory quality, fit for the purpose, match the seller’s description and Specifications are checked and clarified with the customer.

·       Our warranty operates in order of repair the item, replace with the identical item, replace with the similar item or failing with amongst these options; we refund current sale value of the item within the specified seller’s warranty period.

·      Our Warranty of items does not include wear & tear of further usage, mis-handling, any external damages, electric shocks, liquid damages, charging ports and parts damages or any other fatal damages of operating system by the users.